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Leeeeeeets get roiiiiiiight into the news!
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Re: New Staff

Postby Sam » 23 Aug 2017, 03:43

Cheers mate.
Stannis I Baratheon quotes - A Song of Ice and Fire

“I stopped believing in gods the day I saw the Windproud break up across the bay. Any gods so monstrous as to drown my mother and father would never have my worship, I vowed. In King's Landing, the High Septon would prattle at me of how all justice and goodness flowed from the Seven, but all I ever saw of either was made by men."

"Every man shall reap what he has sown, from the highest lord to the lowest gutter rat. And some will lose more than the tips off their fingers, I promise you. They have made my kingdom bleed, and I do not forget that."

"Sacrifice … is never easy, Davos. Or it is no true sacrifice."

“Kings have no friends, only subjects and enemies."

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